And now, a very basic outline of due dates for our class:

August 29: First class. We meet. We discuss the drawing vocabulary project.

September 5: Drawing vocabulary #1 due. We discuss the semester-long project due on December 5. In class, we are drawing from the figure with conté crayons, using line and gesture.

September 12: Drawing vocabulary #2 due. Again, in class we are drawing from the figure using conté crayons, with line and gesture.

September 19: Drawing vocabulary #3 due. Weather permitting, we will be outside drawing landscapes with line and texture.

September 26: Jewish holidays, no class this week.

October 3: Drawing vocabulary #4 due. Line drawings of the figure with charcoal on newsprint.

October 10: Drawing vocabulary #5 due. Midterm line drawing. More information as the date approaches.

October 17: SPECIAL WEEK. I know many of you are non-majors, but if you could fit just one of the following events into your schedule this week, you fill find it immensely rewarding. Red Nose Studio is coming for symposium on Wednesday, and I would be remiss if I didn’t heavily lean on you to go. Attendance at Symposium this week (Wednesday October 15) is mandatory, unless you’ve got another class. I will be there. This is a lecture you simply don’t want to miss out on. The following morning (Thursday the 16), he’ll be doing a lecture on drawing and sketches in Roger DeMuth’s class that you should attend. I will also be there. Finally, Chris will be coming to my editorial class on Thursday, 10/16, from 1:30-3, and drawing with us. I would most encourage you to attend this event. We will not be meeting on Friday, October 17 as a result.

October 24: Drawing vocabulary #6 due. Value and graphite. Drawing from taxidermy animals. “Sam Wolfe Connely Day”. Drawing on Stonehenge printmaking paper with graphite powder, erasers, and pencils.

October 31: Drawing vocabulary #7 due. Full value figure drawing, different types of lighting.

November 7: Drawing vocabulary #8 due. Full value figure drawing with value paper, drawing with shapes.

November 14: While not technically a class meeting, this is the date of the Illustration Department’s annual bus trip to New York City. Attendance on this trip is heavily encouraged for this class (barring other classes interfering – speak to me if there is an issue). More information about activities specific to this class as the date approaches. There will be extra credit for this class available for this trip.

November 21: Drawing vocabulary #9 due. Haunted house drawings. Full value.

November 28: Thanksgiving. No class.

December 5: Final Class. Final assignment due. Drawing vocabulary #10 due. All 10 drawing vocab assignments due. Bring everything in from the entire semester.

Survey:  Seniors: Monday, December 8
               Juniors: Tuesday, December 9

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